Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a journey through self-reflection and self-awareness that can lead to a better understanding of ourselves and how we respond to our environment. Although therapy is a process focusing on one person, it is engaged by two individuals; both therapist and client. Therefore, the more clients feel connected and engaged with the therapist, the more productive the experience of therapy will be. The relational approach to individual therapy offers an opportunity to explore our lives in a deeper and more meaningful way which can lead to greater growth, balance, and serenity.

Couples Therapy

**Please note: We are not accepting Couples at this time

In couples therapy; partners have an opportunity to see each other more clearly, improve communication, and increase partners’ attunement on multiple levels (physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually). A variety of issues may arise throughout the lifespan of a relationship and if left untreated, the relationship can become toxic or unhealthy. Couples therapy provides the opportunity to explore these issues in a safe and neutral space where a therapist can facilitate the conversation to help discover where the problem is, how it developed, and how to then meet the needs of the relationship.

At Mindful Life Counseling, we also specialize in offering couples therapy, premarital counseling, and pre-cohabitation counseling to racial, cultural, religious, and ethnic minorities. We understand that unique norms exist in any minority culture that can impact a relationship. At Mindful Life Counseling, we are experienced in these norms from both a personal and professional perspective and have a passion to help couples navigate through relational obstacles through a multicultural and intersectional lens.

Issues Include:

Pre-marital Counseling

Communication Skills


Problems with intimacy


Financial Stress

Difference of opinion (lifestyle, money, in-laws & other family members)

Major life change (Loss or bereavement, illness, having children, job switch, moving)


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